Summer Time Food: Nangmyun

Food is always a good starter conversation for culture. I am using it as a topic for my sixth graders. It is a light topic and everyone has an opinion on food. Although I am teaching my students about food, I want them to be mindful and thoughtful. I want them to see how food is dependent on religion, geography, and other factors. I am focusing the next few posts on summer time foods.

Nangmyun is, for the most part, a summer time dish. Summers is in Korea are hot and humid. Nangmyun is a cold noodle dish. The  nangmyun is usually made of buckwheat noodles. What makes Nangmyun a summer time dish is that the chicken broth/beef broth has  small pieces of ice inside of it.  When you take a bite into the noodles they taste tangy and fresh. It is perfect on a humid day.

Nangmyn is unlike anything I had ever tried before. I am hoping that my video inspires teachers and students to share their favorite summer times foods from wherever they are.


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