Connections, Storypal, and YOU.

Why do we spend so much time sharing, liking, and viewing content on our favorite social media apps? How many events, meetups, and parties do we attend each year trying to meet the “right” people? Who was the last person you spoke to?
Connection is innately part of the human experience online and off.

We are connectors, connecting, and connected.

Connection is powerful force that pulls us to action, to think, and to try.
Storypal wants to take this naturally occurring human behavior and use it to change the world.

By helping educators and learners connect with other educators and learners worldwide.
There are so many apps that connect individuals to other individuals, but not enough that connect classrooms to other classrooms.
When learners are at their most impressionable, they need the most exposure.

Firstly, because educators deserve as many resources as possible to help their careers flourish. A larger community could unlock even more creativity.

Secondly, because connecting educators and learners internationally is one of the most effective ways to engage a young learner in practicing their communication skills, their social and emotional learning, and their cross-cultural understanding.

If you are not an educator, then why should you care?

Well, most societies are already benefiting from different channels of connection. The very act of being connected to another place isn’t the end result for Storypal. The end result is expanding someones understanding and giving rise to opportunities.

How many opportunities have come your way because of connections?

Educators and learners are missing out on what should have been a key component of education from the beginning, but many factor kept this from occurring.

This is the best time for them to be connectors, connecting, and connected.

How can you help?
Be a connector.
Promote Storypal to families, schools, and cities everywhere.

Create a new path for educators and watch learners creativity launch to new heights.


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