October Week 3

Storypal Weekly

Quote of the Week

“Many leaves. One Tree.”  – Shel Silverstein

Upcoming Events

Storypal is invited to showcase the platform at the EdTech exhibition in Singapore this November! We are so excited to make more bridges for global friendship and education.

Educator of the Week 

Our first Educator of the Week is Ms. Minji Kim.

She teaches at Anrak Middle School in the lovely beach city of Busan, South Korea. Ms. Kim is using Storypal with her class. They are teamed up with a school in Southern California. If you follow us on our Storypal Facebook page you may have seen her and classroom. She has been an educator for 11 and a half years.

Below is our interview with her.


이미지: 사람 4명, 웃고 있음, 사람들이 서 있음

Q. Why did you become a teacher? 

Minji: I wanted to become a teacher to help students broaden their views about the world. I was interested in English when I was in school because I was interested in the world outside of Korea. I wanted to teach students that there is another world to experience and  I wanted to help my students realize their dreams. I believe English can be a key resource to make their dreams come true.

Q. What are some of your teaching goals this year?

Minji: My goals this semester is to first add a little change to our curriculum. I want to better motivate my students. Up until last semester, our speaking test was to memorize given sentences and say them to the teacher without looking. I changed it to a self-introduction speech with visual aids. The second goal is to communicate this change with all of my colleagues.

Q. Can you share a fun fact about yourself? 

Minji: I have many hobbies. I like dancing so I learned how to dance to salsa, jazz dance, and tango. I have a scuba diving license. I go diving every year. I like writing. I write on my blog. I also write a monthly article about teaching and school life for a teachers’ magazine.  I love traveling as well. I traveled more than 25 countries so far!

If you have a chance, send her a message on Storypal. She does not need a partner teacher right now, but if you are able to collaborate and connect with her, please do so! Ms. Kim was one of our first teachers to use our site this school year.

Thank you for sharing your classroom with us Ms. Kim!
We hope your school year is off to an amazing start everyone!


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