Team and Site Update

Hello Everyone!

The Storypal team hopes your summer is going well!

A lot of changes have been happening on the Storypal site.

The Team

Storypal as a company is a team of young entrepreneurs with a multi-cultural background who got together to bridge the gap between students’ access to emotionally engaging and meaningful global connections.

We have been privileged enough to expand our team.


Our Service focuses on global citizenship education. We help educators organize international penpal exchanges.

The site provides features and design solutions that allow educators to organize international penpal exchanges. The 3 exchanges we focus on are global friendship, citizenship, and leadership.

Class Materialsclassmaterials.png

Get useful class materials and tips for letter writing and global citizenship education (Available in English, Chinese and Korean)

Check out our Teacher Pay Teacher’s store!


Celebrate Exchanges by Issuing Certificates for Successful Penpal Exchanges



Become a Member!

Storypal is available for all teachers who are seeking global connections. Currently, we have teachers and students from numerous countries including South Korea, USA, Morocco, Ukraine, Philippines, and many more!

Ready to bring the world to your class?

Click here to sign up as a teacher!


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