Welcome to our official blog!

Storypal is an educational pen pal platform for young global learners and educators.

Storypal is for teachers looking for ways to boost students’ motivation in practicing writing. Many teachers around the world are leveraging the digital era to help their students immediately see the practical and authentic reason for learning global languages. Having a pen pal friend triggers an intrinsic motivation in young learners to express themselves in the target language while making them more aware of different cultures. However, planning and managing pen pal exchanges can be daunting.

Storypal is a free pen pal platform that helps teachers reduce foundational workloads and create safe, fun and comfortable classroom pen pal experience for themselves and students.

Teachers and parents have known the power of international pen pals for decades. Storypal plays the role of helping educators and students unleash that power as much as they want, as creatively as they want and as collaboratively as they want.

Much love and respect,

Your Storypal Team

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