Insights from the Team

Thoughts from the CEO:

Storypal’s mission is to create a practical environment that enables teachers to help students practice authentic global citizenship regardless of socio-economic conditions. Storypal values the educational equity of young students to become aware, think, inspire and engage globally.

black-and-white-dartboard-darts-21300.jpgHowever, to tell the truth, when we first founded Storypal, there was the vision and value but the solutions were like darts thrown in a dark room.
Over the last 23 months, we threw a few darts and thankfully the room started lighting up as we listened and engaged with teachers and students who were eager to connect globally. Having adjusted based on the feedback, Storypal found a basic DNA that will continue to evolve as a unique penpal community.

At the heart of Storypal found the global educators who share a common goal of providing students with safe, easy, meaningful and fun global connections that broaden their identity and perspectives.
To support these teachers, Storypal will create three main things.

Over the last 2 months, Storypal team grew from 3 to 5 adding more technical and artistic talents to the formula. I feel blessed to be a part of the talented and compassionate team. I also feel a tremendous joy and excitement to know that we can support teachers around the world who catalyze the development of billions of young global citizens.


Heehwa Choi