Basic Penpal Guide


Download the free Intro to Pen Paling on our Teachers pay Teachers.

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Being a pen pal site, we focus on students having fun and writing letters. We want to create a harmony between friendly “chit-chat” letters and more intentional and meaningful citizenship and campaign letters.

Below is a breakdown of each type of letter and how it can be used on the site.


1. Friendship Letter

Friendship Letters are the foundation of our site.

Each student is paired up with their pen pal friend and share their lives and worldviews with one another. The Friendship Letter is for fun and easy communication. It does not pressure the student to discuss global issues. Students are encouraged to learn about others and themselves.

These exchanges can happen for as long as the teacher will permit*.

*Note If you are an educator that is using the Sustainable Development Goals it is essential to put a limit on your Friendship Exchanges so learners can move on to the Citizenship Letter.


Here is an example of a Friendship Letter: friendship letter.png


2. Citizenship Letter

Citizenship letters are made for the discussion of global issues. These letters designed for students to become more aware and practice their analytical skills. Letter writers  Citizenship letters focus on a singular problem that is important to the writer.*

*Note If you are an educator using the Sustainable Development Goals, the students will be writing citizenship letters based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Here is an example of a Citizenship Letter: citiletter.png


3. Campaign Letter

Campaign letters are entirely different from Friendship and Citizenship Letters. Campaign letters are letters written to the Storypal Community Wall. The Community Wall serves as a safe and supportive environment for students to express their thoughts and ideas. Campaign letters are usually written as a call to action.

Here is an example of a campaign letter:



All of the model letters that have been mentioned can be found on our Teacher’s pay Teacher page. We have provided a free sample for “No Poverty” Sustainable Development Goal.  Check it out here.