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Hello Everyone!

The Storypal team hopes your summer is going well!

A lot of changes have been happening on the Storypal site.

The Team

Storypal as a company is a team of young entrepreneurs with a multi-cultural background who got together to bridge the gap between students’ access to emotionally engaging and meaningful global connections.

We have been privileged enough to expand our team.


Our Service focuses on global citizenship education. We help educators organize international penpal exchanges.

The site provides features and design solutions that allow educators to organize international penpal exchanges. The 3 exchanges we focus on are global friendship, citizenship, and leadership.

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Get useful class materials and tips for letter writing and global citizenship education (Available in English, Chinese and Korean)

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Celebrate Exchanges by Issuing Certificates for Successful Penpal Exchanges



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Storypal is available for all teachers who are seeking global connections. Currently, we have teachers and students from numerous countries including South Korea, USA, Morocco, Ukraine, Philippines, and many more!

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Busan Beat Article: an Abridged History and a Bright Future

Hello! We recently have been published in Busan Beat. Musa, our business developer, wrote a lovely article that I am sharing with our blog readers. Enjoy!

International pen pal exchange projects are popular among language educators
because of their practicality in making language learning alive. Every day, on
various online teacher community boards, English teachers around the
world update messages looking for pen pal partners. The teachers seek
to provide opportunities to students to practice languages outside of the
classroom and to gain more cultural exposure.
However, the traditional pen pal projects demand a lot of time from teachers
as they need to find partners, arrange student communication methods and
logistics. In 2011, it was no exception for Heehwa who later co-founded, “Storypal.” She was interested in connecting Korean elementary students with their peers in Kenya. Through an online introduction to an after-school mentor in Nairobi, she got a chance to implement the exchange project between 2012 and 2013. Although she was able to find a partner, in many aspects Heehwa encountered the difficulties that are common in traditional pen pal projects.
From this experience, Heehwa wondered if there could be a sustainable support
the mechanism for teachers to facilitate international exchange projects in
classroom settings. The idea further developed in 2015 when she met Sumbal,
a Pakistani American who at the time was teaching at an elementary school in Korea.
Together, they started reviewing concepts and requirements of pen pal projects and interviewed Korean teachers who had previous pen pal experiences. Through these discussions, Sumbal and Heehwa decided to build an online platform specifically designed for like-minded teachers to address the challenges faced by traditional pen pal
projects. The two co-founded Storypal Inc. in 2015.
With the vision of providing an easy, safe and fun platform for educators
and learners to collaborate globally, the site officially opened in March 2017.
Having the head office in Busan and a research project in San Francisco, the site
currently supports early users, many of whom are from these two cities.

Storypal contributes to Busan’s vision of being a city thriving with talent, technology and culture by not only connecting teachers and students to international communities, but also improving their cross-cultural communication skills. All teachers can join for free. New members in Busan and San Francisco can request the Storypal team to visit their schools for orientation and boarding on Storypal.

More information can be found at

Connections, Storypal, and YOU.

Why do we spend so much time sharing, liking, and viewing content on our favorite social media apps? How many events, meetups, and parties do we attend each year trying to meet the “right” people? Who was the last person you spoke to?
Connection is innately part of the human experience online and off.

We are connectors, connecting, and connected.

Connection is powerful force that pulls us to action, to think, and to try.
Storypal wants to take this naturally occurring human behavior and use it to change the world.

By helping educators and learners connect with other educators and learners worldwide.
There are so many apps that connect individuals to other individuals, but not enough that connect classrooms to other classrooms.
When learners are at their most impressionable, they need the most exposure.

Firstly, because educators deserve as many resources as possible to help their careers flourish. A larger community could unlock even more creativity.

Secondly, because connecting educators and learners internationally is one of the most effective ways to engage a young learner in practicing their communication skills, their social and emotional learning, and their cross-cultural understanding.

If you are not an educator, then why should you care?

Well, most societies are already benefiting from different channels of connection. The very act of being connected to another place isn’t the end result for Storypal. The end result is expanding someones understanding and giving rise to opportunities.

How many opportunities have come your way because of connections?

Educators and learners are missing out on what should have been a key component of education from the beginning, but many factor kept this from occurring.

This is the best time for them to be connectors, connecting, and connected.

How can you help?
Be a connector.
Promote Storypal to families, schools, and cities everywhere.

Create a new path for educators and watch learners creativity launch to new heights.