What are the Sustianble Development Goals?

The United Nations’ have 17 Sustainable Development Goals that they would like to achieve by 2030.  The goals were made in 2015. Each goal has targets, these targets are steps to reach the overall goal. 

SDG Intro.png

What does the UN hope to accomplish? The big idea behind the goals is a more sustainable and fair world. 

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Here is a list of all 17 Goals: 


Storypal’s Sustainable Development Themes are based on Target 4.7 of the sustainable development goals.


Storypal’s values and mission blend well with target 4.7. The Storypal Team has chosen to focus on this target and aligned all 17 goals underneath it. We have taken the later part of target 4.7 and turned it into themes. 

Storypal has taken these global topics and turned them into dialogue that students can have when they have pen pal exchanges. 
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