Interview with Musa

The Storypal Team is global; we are Korean, Nigerien, Cambodian, and Pakistani-American. We are co-workers and collaborators, but primarily, we are friends. Our friendship is what drives us to create a platform for global connections.

Out of all of us, Musa’s life has been most impacted by his global associations. He is the epitome of a global citizen. He has friends from all over the world. He is a board member on several international organizations in Korea and meets with ambassadors frequently. Musa moved from Niger to Busan nine years ago and met his best friend, Grace shortly after that.  This past May, Grace invited Musa to travel to Iloilo, Cebu, and Manila.

Grace loves to show off her country, and she wanted Musa to come with her to a fiesta in her hometown.
“If I had not met Grace, I don’t think my visit to the Philippines would have been this great.” He said sharing pictures with the team.

We asked if it was hard making friends in the Philipines.
“I was pleasantly surprised at how I was welcomed and integrated into the Filipino Society. I didn’t have any trouble making friends. Everyone was kind to me. I truly understood why Filipinos are known as ‘The Smiling People.’ Everybody smiles in the Philippines irrespective of the situation, and that was the most touching point for me.” Musa replied smirking at us.

Musa took the time to explain what fiestas were to us. Fiestas in the Philippines can be religious and regionally based. They include something called a peryas. Peryas are similar to fairs. The townspeople set up temporary amusement parks within the city.

We asked Musa, what was the best part of the fiesta.

“The best part was the bonding between family members, neighbors and of course the food!” Musa chuckled.